Classes and Sessions Offered

Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga

This all levels class is an energetic yoga that matches breath with the flow of movement. The Power comes from the students ability to seek what is needed to make change; not from outside source, but from inside of themselves. This class will build strength, flexibility, and balance to meet each individual student’s needs. A gentle heat is added in this class to help deepen your practice in a safe way. It is considered to be a Yang practice.

Cost: $15 drop in; 10-class card $130; $99 1-Month Unlimited | SCHEDULE NOW

Yin Yoga with Mindful Meditation

The other half of the practice that you’ve been missing! In this class, we are working the connective tissues in a passive environment. Instead of our normal Yang style of Yoga, we are holding poses - typically seated or lying down - for a duration of 1 to 5 minutes; supported and with moderate sensation. This is not restorative yoga, rather students find this practice reduces stress, increases mobility in the joints, regulates the body’s natural energy flow (Qi) and benefits other areas of exercise they may practice.

Cost: $15 drop in; 10-class card $130; $99 1-Month Unlimited | SCHEDULE NOW


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique known to reduce stress and bring peace to the mind, body and spirit. Most of us, have blockages or an imbalance of energy in the body. Reiki is used to create an even flow of energy so that the body can use its natural resources to heal itself when in distress.

Cost: 30 Minutes $40; 60 Minutes $80 | SCHEDULE NOW