Custom Mala Jewelry

It is a privilege that I get to make such personal items for my clients.  Please contact me via email to get started!

Some people come to me with very specific needs, whether it is a certain energy that they need to draw into their lives or balance out.  Others may just be looking for a certain intention or maybe just something pretty to wear!

I have a vast knowledge of gemstones and the chakra system which will help guide you towards something to suit your needs. Please see the ‘chakras explained’ tab on my shop page to familiarize yourself with what you may be experiencing in your own energy, this may help guide you with what you’re looking for.

Here are some things to think about when contacting me in regards to your custom Mala.  The more information I have, the faster it will be to create something perfect for you.

  • Certain emotions that you’d like to bring an awareness to
  • Think about energies such as: love, protection, grounding, confidence, positivity, anxiety, fears, etc..
  • The length of the Mala you desire. A 6mm beaded Mala will not be as long as an 8mm beaded Mala but will feel lighter.
  • The color scheme that you prefer. Example: If you despise orange, tell me!
  • Do you prefer gold or silver tones?
  • Tassel choice. I work with Silk thread, Sari Silk or no tassel at all!  A larger gemstone or pendant can be used to finish off your Mala.
  • You can also order Custom Bracelets! Please let me know which size you need in your email. Consider the fit that you’re going for when choosing size.
  • Please let me know if this is a gift.

Communication is key!  I will continue to email you throughout the process to insure we are on the same page with your Mala.  Once we have come up with a plan and have agreed on a price, I will send you an invoice for the work desired.

Please note:

  1. The Mala must be payed for in full before any supplies are ordered for your custom jewelry.
  2. Once items are ordered, the Mala becomes non-refundable.
  3. Custom Malas may not be returned as they are now personal items.
  4. Please see Repairs, Returns and Exchanges for additional info.
  5. Bliss Body Soul reserves the right to use any images for social media purposes, your name will not be used.

Again, it is a true honor to hold space for you and your needs.

Bliss Body Soul